Tired looking Boston Terrier laying on the couch Boston Terrier

Detox Your Boston Terrier

The Boston terrier is an iconic breed known for its lively personality and distinctive tuxedo-like markings. It has been described as a “gentleman in a dog suit”, but this friendly pooch also has some unique needs that require extra attention and care. In this guide, we’ll discuss the unique breed characteristics of the Boston terrier, health concerns, and how to use natural detox to prolong their life.

Tired Boston Terrier laying on a couch Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier
Oh the cute face of a Boston Terrier

Average Life Span & Breed Characteristics

The average life span of a healthy Boston terrier is between 10 and 15 years.

They are small dogs with short legs, weighing between 10 and 25 pounds, and standing 15-17 inches tall at the shoulder. 

Their coats come in black or brindle with white markings on their faces, chest, feet, and lower legs.

Bostons are intelligent dogs who are usually good natured with people and other animals.

They need moderate exercise and have minimal grooming requirements.


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Optimal Living Environment & Upkeep Requirements

Boston terriers do well in most living environments including apartments or houses as long as they get enough exercise every day (30 minutes minimum).

They should be trained from a young age to ensure they understand basic commands such as sit or stay.

Grooming needs should include regular brushing to remove excess hair and nails should be trimmed regularly to prevent overgrowth.

Regular check-ups are recommended to monitor your pup’s health.

Health Concerns & Natural Detox

Boston terriers can suffer from breathing problems due to their short muzzles so it’s important to keep them cool during hot weather.

Other conditions that could affect them include eye issues (cataracts), heart conditions (heart murmurs) and skin allergies; all of which can be managed with natural detoxes like apple cider vinegar baths or baking soda baths two to three times per week for optimal results.

These natural treatments will help keep your pup healthier for longer!





FAQs about Detox Your Boston Terrier

Detox Your Boston Terrier

When cared for properly with plenty of love and attention, the Boston terrier is an amazing companion who will bring plenty of joy into your life!

With the right diet, exercise plan, regular vet visits, grooming regimen, and natural detox treatments like apple cider vinegar baths or baking soda baths two to three times per week you can extend your pup’s lifespan by several years!

All it takes is a little extra effort from you every day – but it’s worth it when you see that wagging tail!

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